Hello friend, my name is Josh. I’m a dad of two amazing kids. I’ll do anything for them and will teach them everything I know. They’re thoughtful, diligent, and kind—thank goodness for moms. I’ve known my wife since we were 15 and we’ve been in an eternal hanging-out status ever since. I’m very proud of her in many, many ways. I still panic a little when she looks at me funny. They mean everything to me. I’m theirs. And they are mine.

I was blessed with this job in 2002. I fall in love with it more year after year. The challenges in this career and the lessons learnt from them shaped the person I am today. I identify with clients and adapt. I resolutely work for the quality expected from a professional and a friend. I make use of uncomplicated techniques. To remain simple is difficult. I assess what works and do more of it. I know that my art is not for everyone. Thankfully, my clients and I are in this together.

Feel free to hang around and see more of my work. If you like to know me more, please say hello. While calls and Facetime are convenient, I am, as always, up for a good handshake over a cup of coffee.

Thanks for dropping by.