My knowledge is derived mostly from experience. Lessons upon lessons have honed my skills, my instincts. While the services I render vary - they all come with the same promise of quality, dedication, and enthusiasm. I am inspired.

I'll share with you how time in front of a camera is made uncomplicated and more importantly, enjoyable. Unassuming and candid, poses are mainly done to initiate your interaction. The in-between moments, the ones we often forget about - is what I love capturing.

First, we pick a date. You may want to consider having your engagement session at a different season from your wedding. Variety is the objective. Although weekends are manageable, weekdays are more flexible for this session.

After we've chosen a date, defining your session is the next step. Understanding your location is important. As we search for the magnificent, we'll also look into the beautifully generic. If you want to use a landmark, let's use this as an accessory and not as a sweeping backdrop. You're the main attraction. The DMV has everything from horizon-wide fields, show-stopping waterfalls, and incredible architecture.

In choosing your outfits, be yourself. I recommend your wear something that's comfortable and familiar. While coordinated outfits strengthen a specific theme - matching outfits rarely work. Please bring comfortable footwear to use as we walk from one site to the next.

The amount paid for this session will be considered part of the wedding service fee that amounts to more than $3500.