I’m a dad of two amazing kids. I’ll do anything for them and will teach them everything I know. My daughter Xavier and my son, Xavior are 11 months apart. You read right, 11-month twins. I find it strange how they communicate with their eyebrows and finish each other's sentences. They’re thoughtful, diligent, and kind—thank goodness for moms. I’ve known my wife, Sheila since we were 15 and we’ve been in an eternal hanging-out status since. I’m proud of her in many, many ways. I still panic a little when she looks at me funny. At any day, I can still look into her eyes and see the person I've known for more than half my life. They mean everything to me. I am theirs, they are mine.


To remain simple is difficult.  I foster efficiency by using less, evaluating what works and doing more of it. Timeliness is key as this separates good work from the spectacular. I recognize my art isn't for everyone. This understanding inspires my close attention to those who feel my work is worth getting to know better. I'm grateful for your interest. The beautiful alignment of my clients' goals to what I offer has driven me relentlessly. I demand quality from myself as clients expect from a professional and from a friend. Please say hello, we're in this together.

Tools. If it counts for anything, I use Sony α9 and Sony α7R III cameras with G Master and Zeiss lenses.

Josh  951-491-1811  JoshuaFernandezPhotography@gmail.com